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Kameko's Fiction

20 April 1987
External Services:
  • kameko_fic@livejournal.com
This is the fic journal for inglorious_dmk! It exists mostly because having comments scattered all over various communities drives me all sorts of crazy, and I post too much random crap to my REAL journal for anyone (including me) to keep track of my fiction. THIS IS THE SOLUTION.

Anyways, this will contain both fanfic and original fic. Obviously, all characters in fanfic belong to their respective creators and companies. I am too lazy to disclaimer stuff so if you want to sue me over psuedo-pr0n then I guess that is a risk I am willing to take.

A bunch of fic I don't bother posting here (like the Pandect stuff) can be found on my website.

Ratings are based off of either the BC film rating guide or the fanfiction rating guide depending on my mood.

Layout: Screencap from A Scanner Darkly. Graphics and coding by me with the help of tutorials at s2flexisquares.